Monday, January 30, 2012

The Story That Clotheslines Tell ~

You could always tell what was going on in a family's life
by observing their clothesline.
This is the clothesline - see it dimly near the bottom of the photo?
that once stood behind our family's Kansas farmhouse.
It is gone now - and so are most of the trees around it.
But it would have told you a lot about us -
and what was going on at my grandparents farm!

I loved hanging the laundry on the line for my Mom when I was growing up -
first running a wet cloth over it so the dust wouldn't stain the freshly washed clothes -
then hanging things "just so" -
sheets, towels, and blankets on the outside -
"unmentionables" on the inside!
And everything "shared" a clothespin with the item
on either side of it!

I sure do miss having a clothesline!

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