Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From My Pinterest Boards - Home Decor Ideas!

Just thought I'd share with you today some inspiring things I've found while surfing around the Internet!  I saved them to my Pinterest boards.  To find the instructions, see the original posts, or just get a better look at the pics - simply click on the pic you want - it will take you there!

And to see more from my Pinterest boards - just click the RED Pinterest button on my sidebar.  If you have never heard of Pinterest before - it's a wonderfully fun, easy way to "save" all those great ideas, pictures, and "how-to's" you find as you surf the 'Net!  (I'm practically a" Pinterest junkie"!!)
Keeping the things you want in view helps keep you inspired, too!!

This top pic is my ideal apartment!  Am striving for a similar look at my place - taking baby steps!

Can you tell that RED is my favorite color?????
What is your favorite color???  Use it liberally around your home - especially in accents.  It will really brighten your day to see cheery splashes of it all around!!

Don't know if the cute lil' RED HEART candy shows up here - but click on the pic and you should see it - sooooo adorable for a darling Doll House!!  (I want a Doll House someday!)

So - what do you dream of for your home???

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  1. I love these!! Red is my favorite color for decor, but pink is my personal all time favorite color. I am always trying to find ways to put a little pink in the room without clashing or making it too girly for the 4 guys in my family. :)



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