Friday, January 6, 2012

A Simple Cleaning List ~ To Keep On Top Of Things!

Daily chores 
make beds
load/run/empty dishwasher
sweep kitchen and entryway
clean kitchen sink
clear/wipe kitchen counters
wipe out bathroom sinks
empty trash
inventory frig contents and plan meals around leftovers
vacuum main/public rooms or first floor
wash porch rug
clean up computer hard drive-delete unwanted files
dust office
clean toilets
clean bathtubs and shower
clean bathroom mirrors
vacuum bedrooms/second floor
clean out file cabinet

Wednesday  pull dead leaves off houseplants
clean vent hose on dryer
de-clutter/organize night stands-master bedroom
pick one box/bag of clutter and sort through it
dust master bedroom
Thursday  clean microwave-inside and out
clean freezer compartment on frig
mop kitchen
sweep/mop bathrooms
check prescriptions-call in refills if necessary

Friday clean dishwasher door
sweep porch
change sheets
dust dining/breakfast rooms
straighten master bedroom closet
do a quick tidy/put away in each room of the house

I got this from an online group I belong to - have tried it for several months - and with a few modifications to fit my own situstion - it really works well!!!!!!!  So please feel free t0 copy it and change it to fit your needs - and let me know how it does for you, OK?  I would love to hear!!

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