Saturday, March 31, 2012

Just Because I Love Ya ~

I wanted to give all my dear friends, faithful readers, and followers a bit of a "heads up" ~ because I'm going to take  ~ a blogging break, dear friends.  You've all been so sweet to take time out of your busy days to stop in and share what's going on in my world, and leave encouraging comments, and share the joy!  So I wanted to give you a little "advance notice".  Personally I am doing great - far better than I have for years, actually!  Feeling great, getting more active, really getting out and enjoying life again - which I thank the Lord for every day after 12+ years of illness - hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!  It's actually difficult for me now to sit still for very long!  Which is a big reason for the blogging break - at this season in my life I'd rather be out living life than sitting and writing about it - seriously.  Plus I've been steadily "blogging along" for nearly 7 years now - first on YaHoo 360, then here on Blogger, and honestly . . . am a little burned out on it.  On writing, that is.  BUT . . . I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of you - you've all been such a blessing in my life!!!

Sooooo . . . . . with that in mind . . . . .

. . . for the time being I will leave my blog right here . . . and I will still pop in and visit your blogs (which I totally LOVE reading!!!)  Not sure when I will be back to blogging again . . . . .  or if I will ever return to write again . . . will just have to wait and see how the Lord leads me on this because I only want to do His precious Will!  So until we meet again somewhere in "blogland" - know that I LOVE YA'LL and may God richly bless each one of you and your families!!!



  1. I totally understand and I cannot blame you one bit. It's good to go live life while we are still here. There so much joy to be had.
    I am glad that you are doing so well.
    Take care and come by and visit me at my blog!I don't post much, so it is a rather boring blog, but Oh well.!
    You will be missed!!

  2. Oh Pauline, I will miss you, but I certainly understand about blog burn out and needing a break. I didn't realize you have been blogging for so long. I hope you visit me sometime, and let me know when you return. God bless you, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more...blessings..

  4. I hope you return to blogging - it's great therapy for just about anything that ails you. You really do have a darling blog and I hope you return soon.

  5. Hi Pauline, I just "met" you but from reading a few posts, I'm so happy for you to have your health back. Thanks for the information on the anti-inflammation diet.
    Enjoy your time away from blogging! :)



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