Friday, March 9, 2012

Faith, Hope, & Love

Hello, Dear Friends!!!
I hope your week has been filled with love and blessings -
as mine has been - the blessings of busy-ness!!
Yes, being busy IS a blessing - especially when you have been
rather confined for 12 years due to health challenges -
and then received your health and energy back by the Grace of God!!

I'm so eager to share with you my testimony of how that happened -
and what I've been learning and doing these past two weeks!!
So here is a little hint - from my Pinterest boards -
just click on the pictures to read a bit more!

- Some big health and lifestyle changes -

- Some fun projects with a big impact -

- And lastly -

Oh - and did I mention I also have lost 12 pounds - and am still losing?
And it's totally natural and easy?
Stay tuned - details coming in the next few days!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you, it's not easy losing weight, but every pound off really changes our bodies!!!

    I sure enjoy your Pinterest board.
    Blessings dear one!



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