Friday, December 30, 2011

The "15/4 Rule" - Huh???

OK - so this was a new one to me, too -
until just recently - and it's so cool -
it will make your life a whole lot more simple!
(Simple is good - we like that!)

And I'm gonna share it with ya just because you're such special people to me -

So here it is - something that Fortune 500 companies utilize -

"15 minutes of planning will save you 4 hours of work later."
(Now how easy-peasy is that!)

Hello, New Followers - You Have Been Noticed!

And so appreciated - by me!

So glad you joined us here-
I hope you are richly blessed!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Country Apartment Becomes A Cozy Home - in One Year!

Yeppers - that's it!  That's my goal for 2012!  Last year was so stressful - with my home being torn up on several occasions - as in moving in TONS of furniture, boxes, yada, yada, yada - then the "Miracle on Main St." (but that's a story for another day - a happy one!) - and in December having new central heat & air conditioning, windows, and a new hot water heater put in (WOOHOO!!!).  Sooooo . . . now it's time for a . . . TA-DA!!  -


(I am sooooo up for this!)

And I invite you to come along for the ride!  (I just love taking you guys with me - that's just how I roll!)

So here's the plan - each week I will be posting on the progress here.  Making it into the home of my dreams.  AND . . . . . I would totally LOVE to hear about your DREAMS for this year!  What are you working on?  How's it going?  We can all grow together in becoming the people God meant us to be! 

And why am I doing this you might ask?  Because my goal is to (by winter time) have my home - and my life - ready to be the place of hospitality I always dreamed of.  A cozy, inviting place where I can entertain friends, have prayer meetings, Bible studies, invite people over for games, coffee & homemade cookies - in other words, a place of peace and refuge from a sometimes crazy, mixed up world. 

So whaddya say?? Come on and join in the fun - the ride might get a bit bumpy, and have some unexpected twists, turns, and oh-oh's - but I can promise you it will never be boring!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Meowy Christmas, Everyone!

Peanut's Christmas Greeting to all of you - Meowy Christmas!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mystery Passenger???

OK. So bear in mind that I live in the country . . . and there are all kinds of critters and varmints out here.  And that's just exactly where I like 'em to stay - OUT here.  Not IN here . . . as in my car!!!  So as I'm toodlin' down the highway on my way to an appointment this afternoon . . . . . I suddenly hear a soft "bump" sound coming from a bag on the car's floor beside me.  Huh?!?!?!  Then I hear "rustle, rustle, rustle" . . . . and I'm thinkin' it is SOOOOO not cool to freak out at 65 MPH!!!  I'm thinkin' snake???  Mouse??? Or - heaven forbid - RAT???  Actually mostly what I was thinkin' was "for heaven's sake DON'T RUN OFF THE ROAD!!!"  And also "Please, whatever-you-are, don't bite me!!"  It was an interesting trip to say the least!  When I got to my destination - I veeeerrrrryyy carefully went through the umbrella and 3 bags that were sitting on the floor there . . . and little "Mystery Passenger" was nooooowhere to be found!  Good?  Maybe NOT so good!! 

One appointment and several miles drive back home . . . and the little "Mystery Passenger" has still not been found . . . although I did hear loud rustling by my car door on the way home!!

Oh, the unexpected "joys" of country livin'!!  (she says sarcastically!)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cozy Home

There is nothing in this world that says
 "Home Sweet Home"
like fresh, home-baked cookies!!!

Goodbye to a Dear Friend ~

Sooooooo . . . . .
It's the end of an era.  For 86 years the farm was in our family.  In Kansas.  My grandpa purchased it in 1926.  It was the one consistent home in our family.  No matter where we all moved - we could always come back to the farm . . . . . to our roots.  And be welcomed with open arms! 

I spent much of last year there - working, cleaning, sorting, getting all my tons of stuff out of storage from there.  Fortunately, my cousin Doug was a tremendous help in this endeavor!  To say it was a HUGE undertaking would be the understatement of the century!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But  . . . . . . . it is done.  And it went well, praise the Lord!  And nobody got hurt, or too overly dirty, or . . . well, you know . . . all the things that can happen in an old farmhouse!  And yes, I cried. 

But then . . . . .
the new owners moved in.  In such a lovely way they have - and now the old place is coming back to life!  Glorious life!  The old dead trees, shrubs, weeds, etc. are gone - as are the falling-down out buildings & barn, and dilapidated metal garage .  As I drive past it down the highway now I see a charming scene of the precious old farmhouse, with lush fields and just a few pretty trees around it . . . . . and golden wheat fields all around.  Life is good.  Just as it should be!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


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