Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mystery Passenger???

OK. So bear in mind that I live in the country . . . and there are all kinds of critters and varmints out here.  And that's just exactly where I like 'em to stay - OUT here.  Not IN here . . . as in my car!!!  So as I'm toodlin' down the highway on my way to an appointment this afternoon . . . . . I suddenly hear a soft "bump" sound coming from a bag on the car's floor beside me.  Huh?!?!?!  Then I hear "rustle, rustle, rustle" . . . . and I'm thinkin' it is SOOOOO not cool to freak out at 65 MPH!!!  I'm thinkin' snake???  Mouse??? Or - heaven forbid - RAT???  Actually mostly what I was thinkin' was "for heaven's sake DON'T RUN OFF THE ROAD!!!"  And also "Please, whatever-you-are, don't bite me!!"  It was an interesting trip to say the least!  When I got to my destination - I veeeerrrrryyy carefully went through the umbrella and 3 bags that were sitting on the floor there . . . and little "Mystery Passenger" was nooooowhere to be found!  Good?  Maybe NOT so good!! 

One appointment and several miles drive back home . . . and the little "Mystery Passenger" has still not been found . . . although I did hear loud rustling by my car door on the way home!!

Oh, the unexpected "joys" of country livin'!!  (she says sarcastically!)


  1. Did you ever figure out what critter was lurking in the car?

  2. Thanks for asking! Nope - still haven't found out what it was - perhaps it found it's way back out, I hope! But if I ever do - will let ya know here!



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