Friday, February 3, 2012

14 Days of Love - Puppy Love, That Is!

(image credit - Vintage Holiday Crafts)
Who can resist a valentine - with a cute puppy dog attached?  I mean - a REAL live, wiggly, puppy dog!  My Mom did this for me one year - and it's a memory I treasure!  On Valentine's Day morning - to awaken me - she made cute little paper valentines that said "I love you" (with each little dogs name signed on "his" heart)- and taped them on my two little doggie's heads - then sent my dogs scampering into my room to greet me!  What fun!!!!!!!  Let me tell ya - there were lots of puppy hugs and kisses that morning!

If you have pets - why not try this and let them get in on the fun, too?  After all - sometimes love comes on four paws wearing a fur coat!

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