Friday, August 29, 2008


I'm fairly new to this whole idea of simplicity, homemaking, and frugal living. But after taking a long, hard, prayerful look at it, have decided it's the best way to go. So . . . here goes! Here I will be sharing my first "baby steps" in a new direction - a new way of livin'.

By way of introduction - my name is Pauline, and I live in the great state of KANSAS! I am a fourth generation Kansan (and proud of it!) - lived in Colorado for 40 years, but recently had the joy of returning home. I share my life on the prairies with my adorable, lovable, big "fur-baby" (kitty) Peanut. (The neighbors have affectionately dubbed him "The Boss" - he's happy to comply!) I am first and foremost a Christian. I'm a member of our local Assemblies of God church - it's Pentecostal/Charismatic in beliefs. I absolutely adore my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and seek to please Him in all that I do.

I have, over the past 7 years, been through the most horrible, yet healing time in my life. Soon I hope to post my healing testimony here. But for now - in a nutshell - during that time I lost all my family (thankfully they are all with the Lord!), became severely physically disabled (but God has MIRACULOUSLY healed me) and gone from a happy middle-class suburban life to poverty (but God is bringing me out!).

So here is where I will be keeping a journal of my "baby-steps" toward living more simply and frugally, enjoying life in the country, and a whole lot more. Come along with me! The ride may get bumpy, but I promise it will never be boring!

So now it is time to start out in a new direction in life.


  1. Love your blog! Great job! Hope you will keep it up!

  2. Worderful job! I'm looking forward to reading more. I'm just starting my own journey of simplicity/homesteading too. We can travel the road together!

  3. HI there, I found you on SugarPie Sista's site (forums).
    I like your posts- short and to the point... I like how you've shared where you are coming from (not too much info, but just enough), and your positive outlook is compelling.
    Looks like you've got a good start on your blog, tracking your journey. I like how you have stayed in tune with the seasons. Our lives are all about phases, or seasons aren't they?
    I wish you luck in finding your path toward a better life- looks like you're headed in a good direction already!
    Thanks for sharing.



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